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. you're a former bartender, never set one of these up? >> no way, man. i wouldn't know how to do like two of had them in a row. >> looks like fun. >> i want to go to that party. >>> when you head off to college it's time to be an adult, right? >> wrong! >> especially if we're talking about college and spring break. this is at a spring break celebration in south pad dre island in texas, and yes, this is a bikini dance competition featuring 14 girls vying for the position of best booty. >> this is one of the contenders here. and she really gets down. >> wait. >> more like seizuring moves. >> you can't possibly be just showing us girls dancing around in bikinis for spring break. >> these are all dudes. >> no. >> no kidding. >> it's spring break. this is what the kids are doing these days. >> stop. >> this has been happening since mtv did spring breaks in 1992. >> i wouldn't call these dance moves either. >> this is like stage humping. >> they get spanked and grabbed and that i found disturbing. >> going to sit here and sound like a couple old folks. >> can't believe the kids do that thes
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1